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Welcome to Nail Props Inc.

The Client Armrest warms and relaxes your clients' arms and hands by placing them in a position readily and easily reachable by a nail tech. Also eliminates crystallizing during application of acrylic.

Nail Props, Inc. was formed by Lori Lundeen who is a licensed nail technician of 28 years and owns her own salon. With her immense background in the nail salon industry, she developed a revolutionary product called the Client Armrest and to get it out to the masses, NailProps.Com was born. On this site you will find helpful information about the Client Armrest. Best of all you can purchase it right now online.

Lori specializes in acrylics, nail art, colored acrylic, and the nail drill. She has been a salon owner for 13 years and is licensed in California and Montana. She is certified in many acrylic applications and in using the nail drill. She also trains and teaches other technicians.

Lori also boosts that with the use of the Client Armrest she has managed to stay free of back, neck, arm, and carpel tunnel problems. Filling the Client Armrest with warm water has completely eliminated problems with acrylic crystallizing.


COMING SOON: Look for a new Advanced Acrylic Liquid Dispenser.